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The Nittany Lights event began in 2006. Held Bi-Annually, the event is a chance for professionals and students to interact in an educational yet fun manner for each.

On Friday evening we will have a lecture and then conduct an interactive walking tour of campus lighting. The tour ends at the workshop site.

On Saturday everyone gathers in the morning and is divided into teams with a mix of students and professionals. Each team is assigned a portion of campus and has the morning to develop a concept/theme and figure out how and where they want to place the light to reinforce that concept. After some pizza we "auction" off the light fixtures to the teams (hundreds of donated lights) and they have the afternoon to mock-up their ideas. We have color gel's and other supplies available and each team has $50 to purchase additional items. We host a nice meal after which each team presents their concepts to group.

Sunday is just clean-up in the morning.

The students get to learn how important good concepts are and how to use light to reinforce those concepts. They also get some hands on experience and can learn from the professionals. The professionals get a chance to think beyond budgets, maintenance, codes, etc and get back to the fun creative side of lighting. Often the professional realize how narrow minded they have become when the unrestricted students start developing things.
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